Are You Being Bullied In The Cyber World and in Social Media?

Social media has spread its wings everywhere. We are constantly bombarded with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, etc. The list is quite endless. Social media is not just limited to social and personal interactions. It has proliferated very deep into the business domains too. Businesses are creating their digital presence, even more than before, through social media and other internet related interactions.

For businesses, it is very imperative to understand the legal implications at a deeper level. Click download VA forms here. Whereas at the personal level, there are laws that protect the individuals against crimes and disputes that arise in the cyber world. Both businesses and individuals should arm themselves with the knowledge of various laws pertaining to the cyber world.

For businesses:

The rapidly trending social media has invaded the business space. Businesses should protect the core business interests and the employees of the firms against any form of cyber threat, in the cyber world.

Companies should have the following in place while engaging in social media:

  • A social media strategy

  • A social media policy

  • Staff training

  • Enforcement mechanisms

The social media policy should have information related to consumer protection laws, employment laws, advertising laws, copyright and trademarks policy, Data protection and privacy policy as well as rules governing the social media platforms – usage and publication.

Even though every business should have a social media policy in place, sadly, a significant number do not have them at all. This makes them vulnerable to the darker side of social media, that creates problems both for the employer and as well as the employee.

There are several forms of cyber-crimes that plague businesses. These are:

  • Hacking

  • Cyber theft

  • Identity theft

  • Malicious software

  • DDOS attacks

  • Botnets

  • Spam and phishing

  • Social engineering

  • Malicious advertising

  • Cyber scams

  • Cyber terrorism

  • Copyright infringement etc.

Companies must take sufficient steps to tackle cybercrimes. In today’s world, cybercriminal activities have taken up gigantic proportions, where cybercriminals act in a business-like environment, planning their attacks and targets ruthlessly. To combat this, businesses should work alongside law enforcement agencies.

For Individuals:

The internet has immense opportunities and great possibilities. When used in the right and responsible way, it is a safe heaven. But do not be fooled that everything is always right. There is danger lurking at every comer on the internet. The cyber world is quite dangerous to people, individuals and even children, where they become victims of cyberbullying, cyber harassment and various forms of cyber-crime.

At this juncture, it is very important to know the laws governing the cyber world. To help protect innocent victims, several laws are being formulated in several countries to tackle cybercrimes. But the sad fact is many are unaware of the legal routes that are available to them to confront these cyber-crimes and related issues.

Some laws related to cyberbullying, which is a dark spot in the cyber world, and other forms of harassment, make it possible to punish the offenders and the guilty party. Some of the legal consequences are:

  • When convicted guilty of cyber harassment, the accused could be imprisoned for 5 years.

  • Computers, mobiles or laptops used, will be seized.

  • Criminal and civil charges can be pressed against the perpetrators.

  • Civil lawsuits can be pressed for damages.

The different types of crimes and harassments in the cyber world can be classified as follows:

  • Cyberbullying

  • Cyber Stalking

  • Identity theft

  • Privacy violations

  • Defamation

  • Phishing ( stealing your private information)

  • Extortion

  • Cyber harassment

  • Intimidation

  • False messages, indecent and harassing phone calls.

Finally, as long as the laws of the land stay up with the burgeoning technology advancements, individuals and businesses can be assured of the legal avenues that can protect them. Sadly, the law takes its own course of time to get updated.  But with technology changes happening rapidly, it does take time to bring in new legislations. The fact remains that, countries all around the world are working towards creating laws to protect both the businesses and the individuals against all forms of cyber-crimes.